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Recently, we were able to catch up with Eddie Russell and Barry Marshall, the founding partner and managing partner of Viage Group, one of our Beneteau dealers. Eddie and Barry have over 50 years of combined experience in the marine industry and have found great success in focusing on superior customer service. In fact, one of the cornerstones of their business is being close and connecting with their clients.

“We’re one of the smaller dealers when it comes to product offerings, but we strive to provide customer service second to none in terms of how close knit of a family we are, how quickly we take care of issues and how well we communicate with our customers,” Eddie said.

Located in Sarasota, St. Petersburg and Fort Myers, Florida, Viage Group goes the extra mile in order to live up to their mantra, “It’s not about us; it’s all about you.” They never put their clients on hold. They are always available to answer their questions, no matter how big or small. And due to their experience in the hospitality and marine industries, Eddie and Barry understand in order to exceed the customer’s expectations it is crucial to assemble a great team who align with the Viage Group’s core values and strategies. They work hard to bring the right people together who can handle all aspects of client relations and be our partners, vested in every aspect of our business. 

“We’re a close knit group, and we work together to support one another. We have a regimen. It’s tough, but we do it because we enjoy it, and I think our customers appreciate and value our efforts,” Eddie explained.

They are also equally as passionate about the quality of the boats they sell as they are about customer service. Viage Group has been representing Beneteau powerboats since Viage opened its doors five years ago. Eddie, Barry and their team appreciate how well engineered and how easy Beneteau boats are not only to operate but to maintain.

Barry stated, “Once we got involved with Beneteau, we learned just how well they do things and the value proposition they provide to the dealer and the customer. It’s hard for any other boat manufacturer to match.”

The Viage Group searches for products that are unique, and Beneteau hits that mark, especially with the Swift Trawler range. Barry explained, “We’ve done really well with the Swift Trawlers. There really is no competitor for the range, specifically in the US. Customers want a different experience on the water with a product that has lots of windows, lots of space, and easy walkarounds.”

After opening a successful third location in Fort Myers five months ago, the Viage Group is a well-oiled machine, made up of a kind, honest and hardworking team who truly care about the customer experience and the boats they sell.

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