Joe Wilson Tested. Joe Wilson Approved.

At Beneteau, we love dealing with people who love boats as much as we do – and after all this time, we think we’ve found someone who may love them even more. Meet Joe Wilson, unashamed boating enthusiast and proud owner of a Swift Trawler 34.

Joe and his wife Barbie split their time between the west coast of Florida where they cruise their boat and Danville, Indiana where Joe runs his own company specializing in custom biowaste treatment systems.

As a child, Joe spent his summers with his grandparents in Florida. This was when his latent boating genes were activated! “I’ve loved boats since I was one,” said the now 63-year-old Wilson. “My grandfather had an old wooden Wolverine boat and my first, and best, memories are spending time on it with him.”

Over the years, Joe and his wife have owned many boats. When he turned 60, Joe said to himself, “It’s time to get serious about this.” So he began reading-up, researching and doing his homework to find he and Barbie's ideal cruiser. Joe credits’s Captain Steve for introducing him to the Swift Trawler and igniting his interest in the boat. He also stumbled upon the Swift Trawler 34’s documented journey around the Great Loop and after reading the survey upon the boat’s completion of its epic cruise, made up his mind that it was definitely in the running to be he and Barbie’s winter escape.

The Wilsons wanted a boat that would be able to handle any kind of weather and were attracted to the Swift Trawler’s large windows, low helm, open bridge, contemporary style and of course, its “Hoosier-made” Cummins diesel engine from his home state of Indiana.

In 2015, Joe and Barbie decided to make the trip to the Miami International Boat Show to shore up their decision for what would be their next boat. “We didn’t go to the show planning to buy a boat,” Joe says.“But when we got there we worked out a deal with the guys from the Viage Group which is Beneteau’s dealer in Sarasota.”

After taking a lunch break to talk over whether they would actually buy the Swift Trawler at the show, Joe and Barbie returned to sign the papers. “We went back to the booth and said we want the boat. While we were gone to lunch, Viage worked with Justin from Beneteau to get us an even better deal. Even after we told them we were going to buy the boat, they gave us $12,000 off the price for buying it at the show!” Not all beautiful relationships are founded on something like this, but it certainly helps.

Since then, Joe and Barbie have logged more than 500 hours aboard their Swift Trawler 34, traversing Florida’s Gulf Coast and the Keys more than a few times. She has safely navigated nine-foot seas in which Joe says,“Not one drop of water was found in the cabin or in the bilge.” Joe also noticed, with some satisfaction, she is an absolute miser when it comes to fuel consumption. Most importantly, they both love that she can comfortably accommodate children and grandchildren so we can look forward to a new generation of Wilsons having their boating genes activated.

“The amount of boat and features for the cost is a tremendous value,” says Joe. His research found some of the Swift Trawler’s competition offering similarly equipped boats at almost twice the price. “The fact that I’ve never had a boat with so few issues and such outstanding performance – a Beneteau will be the only boat I ever buy again. In fact, Barbie and I are talking about our next boat purchase, a Monte Carlo 4.” 

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