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Jeff Petro & His Monte Carlo 6

Ten years ago, Jeff Petro took up boating, and it's been a ten-year search with a lot of adventures to find the perfect boat. His dream yacht turned out to be a Monte Carlo 6. 

He and his wife were looking for a vessel that was just as at ease during a leisurely day cruise and evening ‘docktails’ as it would be for longer cruises out to Bimini or West End from his South Beach, Florida base. 

Jeff and his wife started off with a 24-foot express cruiser, and in time they would progress all the way up to owning a 72-foot Hatteras. Deciding it was time for a new boat, Jeff picked up Yachting Magazine and began reading about the Monte Carlo  5, which he would eventually purchase from Denison Yacht Sales in 2015. They loved their MC 5, but realized just a little more space would truly be ideal. As a result, last year they moved up to a Monte Carlo 6.

In the MC 6, Jeff and his wife found a yacht that had the maneuverability and the ease of handling of a smaller boat, perfect for an owner/operator, along with all the room needed to welcome family and friends. Its speed and spaciousness also comes in handy when they’re feeling adventurous and invite a captain aboard for longer cruises through the Caribbean. And everyone - Jeff and his wife, their guests and crew, appreciate the thoughtful design and amenities onboard. 

Regarding the interior of the Monte Carlo, Jeff comments, “The fit and finish is way beyond the actual price of the vessel. It’s really second to none. Beneteau makes a great product.”

Not surprisingly, Jeff has learned a lot about boating and the whole boat buying process over the years. “Take your time in choosing the right boat,” he advises. “Pick the size that you see yourself growing into.”

He also believes a strong relationship with a knowledgable dealer is instrumental in finding, as well as maintaining, your perfect boat for years to come. He has developed just that kind of relationship with the team at Denison Yacht Sales. “Denison has always treated us like family,” Jeff says. “When we need their guidance, no matter how minor, Denison is always quick to help. This is especially important on longer cruises when delays can lead to much bigger problems.” 

All this sounds like solid advice when looking for your own boating sweet spot! If like Jeff, you’ve found your sweet spot, please share your story with us!

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